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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Struggle

I am struggling with my sexuality... Not in the sense that I think God hates gays and whatnot. Nor in the sense that I am not attracted to women… I just don’t think I’m sexually attracted to them until I’m in love with them or have a deep emotional connection. I have never, ever, ever had a crush or a fancy. The only person I did start to like was my best friend and it took four months of dating for us to kiss even. It wasn’t until I started falling for her on a much deeper level that I began to get sexual feelings (and that was like, “OH, hello, what on earth are you?”). So I don’t know if this is a one hit wonder thing or what. I’ll just plod along for now. (On a side note, the verb, “to plod”, is actually ace, it sounds like you’re plodding when you say it.) 

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