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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

LGBT Community and Adverts

There is still a long way to go for the LGBT community. One of the biggest steps will be when couples that aren't heterosexual (as I hope this statement covers everyone, I hate missing people out who deserved to be mentioned) will be in advertisements. Previous attempts at using a same sex couple have failed, like the mayonnaise advert. Currently in England there is one mainstream advert that contains same sex couples which is one for fostering. The people behind the advert clearly recognise that the LGBT community is a good demographic to attract for fostering and adopting, yet in all of the utterly inane sofa and bed adverts, there aren't any same sex couples. You don't see two men jumping on a bed having a pillow fight, nor do two women snuggle on a settee with a bulldog. In some respects, it's great that the LGBT community has escaped being apart of such mundane, poor advertisements, simply because of dignity. Putting this joke aside, there is still the underlying point. Same sex couples are still not considered acceptable enough to be within mainstream advertisements. Is it fair to make a statement that the marketing departments of corporations are slightly homophobic when it comes to profits? I have never viewed capitalism as being the beacon of equality so I reluctantly have to conclude that advertisements are a mere extension of this.

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  1. Here in the USA things are really screwy. JC Penny - a major retaliler of the past - is hoping that by using gay ads and personalities they can show their "hip" and in touch with today's money spenders. On Logo - our gay tv network - you will find same sex couples in commercial that on other networks show heterosexual couples. Ah, the chase for my dollars - got to love it!