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Thursday, 24 May 2012

A Short Note As To Why

Perhaps it isn't always obvious or at all apparent as to why sexuality is so important or the forefront of a person like me, indeed, myself. Why is there the need to push, accentuate, emphasise, highlight, harp on et cetera, about sexuality? What I very much want to avoid is going around with a fog horn, thrusting it into the ear of an unaware person and pressing it, with the metaphorical fog horn blaring out, "Look at me! I'm gay! Rainbows, yay unicorns!" (Insert any applicable stereotype you so desire.) Nor do I very much like face paint, making witty signs (due to the lack of wit within me) or rainbows.

In fact, I very much wish whoever decided rainbows = homosexuality, had chosen something much more appeasing. Like cake. Rainbow cake is offered as a compromise.

Anyway, the point is that sexuality is an inherent human right and when a human right is oppressed, it's time to whip out the metaphorical fog horns and the applicable flag and parade around. (Or chain yourself up, if you're into that kind of thing.)

Because I have a really, really, really, really good idea.

1) Build a big enclosure and put all the heterosexual females in there.
2) Build a lovely enclosure for heterosexual men and tell them all the heterosexual women are in there to lure them in.
3) Watch all the heterosexuals die because they can't reproduce.
4) Live in a big, merry, gay utopia in which all heterosexuals are dead until they reemerge when gay people reproduce (as, unbelievably, such a thing is possible).

Of course, I'm joking, just in case sarcasm doesn't translate properly or a conservative reads this and thinks that we are rather alike.

That kind of oppression happens. A lot. Too often. One case is too much.

Talking about it helps.

Educating helps.

Being an arse doesn't.

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