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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Importance of Being Caitlin

I do suppose an introduction is in order. Introductions are not my forte, yet one always finds that for some reason, people want to know who you are. 

I shall begin with the bland and mundane. I'm actually a time traveller who quizzes around in a blue box exclaiming that, "Bow ties are cool!" Alas, this is a lie but it does link to my avid love of Doctor Who. So, for future reference, I apologise for my Whovian ways. 

I'm 17 (nearly 18, I'll have you know Bob Dylan and Queen Victoria decided to be born on the same day as me). I identify as a Christian, mainly for the lack of a better word. I dabble in deism, enjoy existentialism and... Think of a good adjective beginning with "U" and insert it in front of "Universalism". Thank you. 

I studied the IB but that's nearly done now. I hope to become an archaeologist.  If you want to know what my hairstyle is, look up Neil Oliver. I'm claiming he copied me. I like reading, history and cake. This isn't a date advert by the way. 

The name of my blog may be of interest, or, it's just as inane as this blog. Take your pick. 

Firstly, I went for the aesthetics. I like the word "heresy". (I also like the word "perpendicular"). 

Secondly, it's sensational. Shocking. Or perhaps not, I just really like the word "heresy." 

Thirdly, other good names for similar blogs are taken and on a cheerful, rainy Tuesday, my brain dug deep into the chasms of my warped world, and decided it would do. 

Fourthly, I hope it will attract people with similar views. Ultimately, I want to learn about other people's views but also, to know whether I'm wrong. Well, as if that will happen. I'm perfect. 

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