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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

LGBT Community and Adverts

There is still a long way to go for the LGBT community. One of the biggest steps will be when couples that aren't heterosexual (as I hope this statement covers everyone, I hate missing people out who deserved to be mentioned) will be in advertisements. Previous attempts at using a same sex couple have failed, like the mayonnaise advert. Currently in England there is one mainstream advert that contains same sex couples which is one for fostering. The people behind the advert clearly recognise that the LGBT community is a good demographic to attract for fostering and adopting, yet in all of the utterly inane sofa and bed adverts, there aren't any same sex couples. You don't see two men jumping on a bed having a pillow fight, nor do two women snuggle on a settee with a bulldog. In some respects, it's great that the LGBT community has escaped being apart of such mundane, poor advertisements, simply because of dignity. Putting this joke aside, there is still the underlying point. Same sex couples are still not considered acceptable enough to be within mainstream advertisements. Is it fair to make a statement that the marketing departments of corporations are slightly homophobic when it comes to profits? I have never viewed capitalism as being the beacon of equality so I reluctantly have to conclude that advertisements are a mere extension of this.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Struggle

I am struggling with my sexuality... Not in the sense that I think God hates gays and whatnot. Nor in the sense that I am not attracted to women… I just don’t think I’m sexually attracted to them until I’m in love with them or have a deep emotional connection. I have never, ever, ever had a crush or a fancy. The only person I did start to like was my best friend and it took four months of dating for us to kiss even. It wasn’t until I started falling for her on a much deeper level that I began to get sexual feelings (and that was like, “OH, hello, what on earth are you?”). So I don’t know if this is a one hit wonder thing or what. I’ll just plod along for now. (On a side note, the verb, “to plod”, is actually ace, it sounds like you’re plodding when you say it.) 

Sunday, 17 June 2012


Is God the sheriff? Does He go around and arrest everyone after they have sinned and lock them up in a burning pit of forever?

Is God the damning judge? Once He has decided a person burns, they stay forever.

So, is God the jail-keeper too? Making sure that no one escapes Hell?

"Hell" does not exist, not the traditional, orthodox sense. "Hell" is not the place where those who did not manage to choose the right denomination, get to be tortured and put through intense and unimaginable pain for eternity. People argue that this is justice, that this is God being the guardian of law. It is inescapable, it is exactly what the Lord commanded. Christ's death on the cross was to rescue us from eternal damnation, that is the reason normally attributed to the great act of love performed by Jesus. The important bit of that sentence was "love", and this shall be a theme that runs throughout.

God is more than damnation, God is love. And what makes up love?

Love is never tired of waiting; love is kind; love has no envy; love has no high opinion of itself, love has no pride; 5 Love's ways are ever fair, it takes no thought for itself; it is not quickly made angry, it takes no account of evil; 6 It takes no pleasure in wrongdoing, but has joy in what is true; 7 Love has the power of undergoing all things, having faith in all things, hoping all things (1 Corinthians 13:2)

God is merciful, God is compassionate, God is a forgiver, God is empathetic, God is love.

This article isn't going to focus on mistranslations but on the nature of God and how this overrides the notion of eternal damnation. Jesus Christ is most likely in "hell" right now, bringing out the now repentant souls, ushering them to Heaven because they have been purified. Christ can reach into this world and the next, his power and love stretches far and wide.

The nature of God can be seen through the parables of Jesus Christ. Prayerfully studying them reveals this. I believe that God saves everyone, that God's plan is universal reconciliation, not damnation for all who didn't find the right denomination. To some this is heresy, the devil talking to me and so on and so forth. To me, it is the Good News, it is the Gospel, it is God being wonderful, even more wonderful.

I believe that God is more than damnation, that what courses through His veins is compassion, the arteries forgiveness, the mind may be justice and correction, He extends His hand in friendship and the core of God is love, the heart of God is love, from which all extends.

Quite often I've been hesitant expressing my belief because of the wrath and scorn and judgement it brings. But I'm putting it out there because I feel it is required. I feel that by not stating it, I'm in affect lying, concealing part of who I am. I'm not particularly mainstream in my thoughts I suppose, I'm often battling upstream, the currents of conservatism perhaps? I'm not sure about that, it's just me trying to find myself, find my beliefs, and uncover and discover the nooks of me, with the help of God and Jesus Christ by my side. Perhaps there are many truths out there, and they all lead back to finding God. And if these threads entwine and create a tapestry for God to admire, then I see no problem there. Maybe the idea that, "There are as many paths to God as there breaths of men.", sums it up.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Five People of Enthusiasm

Seeing the passion, enthusiasm and delight of others is utterly delightful. This seems to have happened quite a lot recently. On Monday, my Dad got incredibly excited about seeing the bubbles that carp produce as they feed on the bottom. When the elastic on the rod began to pull and lurch and cut through the water, the excitement leaked out of him. After deciding to watch Springwatch (I wanted to see the badgers, I like badgers), I instead ended up enjoying the passion of a scientist who talked about earthworms. Her life revolves around her passion for earthworms which is wonderful.

On another day of the Queen's Jubilee weekend, I watched the service at St Paul's Cathedral and I found it wonderful that out of everything I had seen her do recently, this looked like it meant the most. To see a monarch in prayer; that is remarkable. She truly looked moved and filled with emotion. The cathedral is a such a magnificent building, for it to be filled and reverberating with music and prayer makes the skin get goose pimples. She doesn't often smile but she did today. I do advise that you look up Christopher Wren if you don't know much about him. Oh, and the Queen looked beautiful as always and the bells sounded remarkable. Although I think four days and a tour of Britain may have been too much for an elderly couple and the Jubilee Concert was dreadful, as is the Commonwealth song Gary Barlow wrote for her, but I sincerely hope the church service and the planes (now they were cool) made up for it.

Yesternight (I enjoy antiquarian words), I ventured to BBC4 (undoubtedly the greatest TV channel) and became absorbed by the presenter discussing women in the 17th century. Lucy Worsley is fantastic by the way. Each week we get off to a bad start as she says the Restoration ended the Medieval Age of England, I say the Tudors ended it (all this of course to the television), yet at the end, I forgive her and just enjoy how interesting the programme is. However, I also enjoy how enthused she is, how gallantly she throws herself into her work, with such vigour and energy.

Lastly, I decided to watch The Sarah Jane Adventures this morning because I love Doctor Who and Elisabeth Sladen is just one of the most wonderful women ever. She adored not only Doctor Who and acting, but she adored her fans. Sadly, she passed away, but her spirit, drive, enthusiasm and determination live on, through her work and Sarah Jane. (I shall also say that those four words can be applied to Nicholas Courtney too.)

Ultimately, I have a lot to learn from all of these people because I spend too much time with doom, gloom and residing in a downcast nature. The stiff upper lip mentality of the Queen, combined with the vividness of the others, the desire to pursue a dream and to enjoy oneself, sounds gradely to me.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Not all gay women fancy you

I still don’t understand why there are straight women think that all lesbian/bisexual/women who are attracted to women, will automatically fancy them, automatically molest them, automatically fall in love and be creepy. Not all men fancy you, not all women fancy you, unless you’re Samantha Brick , I totally understand if you are then because I suffer from similar problems. 

 The Source being the wonderful Private Eye. 


I don't know whether it is in deductive or deductive reasoning which has led for many Christians to be lumped with Christians that they disagree with. Perhaps it is simply because of the name, how much easier it is to presume, the way around it is to simply ask the person, to learn about the individual, yet this does not often or always occur because it takes time.

As a theist, I expect to be challenged about the existence of God or a deity, what I don't expect is for the person I'm debating with to state, "How can you persecute homosexuals?" Yes, I persecute myself.

"How can you damn people to hell?" I don't, I don't believe in hell.

"How can you vote for the Republicans?" I don't, I'm English and I've only just become eligible to vote. Furthermore, I wouldn't vote for the Tories (the British equivalent).

"You are backward and stupid." Thank you, thank you very much. If sitting with Neanderthals means I get respected, than I shall merrily walk back through the Dark Ages and beyond.

"You obviously were brainwashed." By whom? By myself? I didn't go to a faith school, my parents aren't Christians, I wasn't stalked by Christians until I gave them a chance, I didn't go to  a church or Christian youth group, I didn't have any friend who tried to make me a Christian. Brainwashed indeed.

"Religion lacks reason. You're part of a religion. You lack reason." This very statement lacks reason.

"Your an idiot." Pot, kettle, grammar.

However, I do know some wonderful atheists and the wonderful atheists I know aren't the ones on the internet, they are the ones I know personally. Rather than getting incensed behind a keyboard, we can discuss with a normal amplitude ideas, beliefs, and rather than going, "HOW CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT YOU ABSOLUTE BUFFOON?!" We instead politely ask, "Why do you believe what you do?" Followed by letting the other person speak. Now, we aren't saints of debate, things can get a little heated at times and sometimes one may just want to have a big tantrum. But the point is, I don't ram a Bible down their throats, they don't ram Dawkins down mine.

Face-to-face respect happens a lot more than internet keyboard warrior respect. Ultimately, it may come down to the fact that the written word doesn't have a voice, it only has the voice which the reader gives it.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Collective

The atheist who calls the theist stupid, is stupid, and by saying this, I am stupid. We are collectively stupid, collectively ignorant, collectively intelligent, collectively knowledgable.